Rodent Removal

Changes in season usually drive mice & rodents to invade new and warmer spaces, including buildings and houses, even those that are located in urban communities. As a matter of fact, pest control experts believe that every building is home to at least one mouse, with or without owner knowing.

While it there is still no accurate account on exactly how these rodent species were able to make it to urban communities, the natural agility and cleverness of field mice, wood mouse or deer mouse can be a reason enough for their prevalence in modern establishments. This type of rodent is also an expert in camouflage, which is considered as their biological response to being preys to a number of predators in the field including wolves, dogs, bears, and rabbits.

Mouse Removal in Hamilton and surrounding Communities

Like any other wild species of rodents, field mice, wood mouse or deer mouse are potential carriers of of viruses and bacteria, such as:

* Leptospirosis – this is a bacterial disease that is transmitted through wild mice urine. Humans contract this disease by being exposed to food and drinks that are contaminated with the urine. Although quite rare, it is also possible for humans to be infected with Leptospirosis by skin contact to urine, especially if there is an open wound.

* Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome – a respiratory disease caused by a virus found in rodent urine and droppings. Humans can be exposed to the virus by having direct contact with a mouse (mouse bites), and by breathing the virus from anything that has been contaminated by the rodent’s wastes.

* Hermorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HERS) – another viral disease from rodents that is contracted by humans from direct exposure to mouse urine and droppings. The virus can also be easily transmitted to humans through mucous membranes and broken skin.

These diseases are already growing prevalent worldwide. They also pose serious threat to human life, as the infections can become fatal quickly. With this, it is important to protect your family by acting fast on any confirmed wild mice in the establishment, before they spread diseases to any of the family member.

City Wildlife Control Professionals are trained to identify mice entry points. These rodents can easily squeeze through holes made for wiring or plumbing where they build nests, damaging your home and posing health risks. Humanely and strategically removing all mice is the most effective and economical method for removal, followed by professionally sealing the exterior from future re-entry. Poisoning and trapping can be harmful to both humans and pets. These methods also fail to provide a long-term solution and rarely keep up with mouse reproduction, even worse they leave mice to die within your walls and attic.


Don’t put up with mice. Control the problem with our rodent removal service.  City Wildlife Control will:

  • Trap and relocate mice.
  • Remove dead mice from your vicinity.
  • Repair damage and prevent reentry.



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