Wildlife can pose significant harm to people and property whether they are infiltrating a home, carrying disease, biting humans, or even causing structural damage to the property itself. They can also create difficulties for farmers and gardeners alike. Seeking wildlife control services is the best solution, but solutions to pest problems should not be limited to the use of chemicals & poisons, which can also cause damage to property and people, as well as procure a negative environmental impact.

True green components also include inspection, identification, biological control, trapping and relocation, habitat disruption, sanitation methods and education on wildlife proofing your home or business!

Wildlife Proofing includes:

* Sealing cracks and crevices

* Weather-stripping around doors/windows

* Screens on outside vents

* Chimney sealed appropriately

* Repairing water leaks

* Keeping wood piles away from home

* Minimize areas of clutter around home that offer pests shelter/food

* Outside trash bins / sealed and away from home

* Keeping trees and bushes trimmed

* Rain gutters cleared

We specialize in the removal and remediation of wildlife from residential and commercial properties. Our prices are competitive, and our services are prompt. We use efficient, humane procedures to rid your property of animals. Whether it’s in your home, condo association, golf course or anywhere else you are having an issue, we will take care of your animal issue quickly and discreetly.¬†Call us today!

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