A Mouse in the House?!

To a mouse, your home is the perfect place to settle down for the winter. No matter where you live in Southern Ontario, mice will be looking to move into your home.

Rodent removal Hamilton Mouse removal mice in the house Ontario City Wildlife  ControlGeneral Facts about Mice

Mice are generally nocturnal creatures. If they are in your home, while you’re up and going through your day, you normally wouldn’t hear them scurrying about. If you’re lying in bed, getting ready to fall asleep and here the scurry, it’s likely mice. Mice have an excellent sense of smell and very good hearing. A mouse’s whiskers can help to feel the surface the mouse is walking on.

Mice in your home

To get into your home and escape the dropping temperatures, mice can squeeze through just about any crack or crevice in your home. Mice have small bodies, strong legs and virtually no bone structure. Just imagine all the places you could squeeze into without a collarbone. Because of their anatomy, a mouse only needs a hole about the size of a dime to squeeze their way in.

Mice multiply quickly. If you see one mouse scurry across your kitchen floor, there is a good chance you may have up to 20 mice in the home.

Mice tend to be discreet, and even a bit sneaky. Usually, a mouse problem is first spotted by their droppings. If dark, tick-tack shaped droppings start appearing in your home, you could be dealing with mice. If you’re still unsure, look for any holes in food boxes which mice would have chewed through. But the best way to confirm a mouse problem in your home in Southern Ontario  would be to actually spot one.

If your home has a central-vac system, be weary of mice entering the home. In the garage and through the central-vac system is one of a mouse’s favourite ways to squeeze their way in.

Mice will feed off the tiniest bits of crumbs and drops of water. Leaving food out or water in the sink is one way to invite any mice already in your home to stay a while longer. Cleaning up the kitchen and living spaces, ensuring no crumbs are left behind is a sure way to deter mice.

Having any and all crack and crevices in your home sealed up, will prevent any mice from moving in this fall. The technicians at City Wildlife Control are expertly trained to inspect your home for all the possible entry points of mice, even the tiniest crevices. Not only are the technicians experts in spotting entry points, but also in sealing them up.

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